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October 16, 2017
October 16, 2017


2D Wave
Q: Why do we have waves?
A: Winds that move around on the surface of the ocean whip up those great big waves that we see. This is caused by friction, which is when one thing rubs up against another, between the air and water molecules which transfers the energy between the wind and the water.

You will need:

Dark Blue Light Blue
1×2 1 1
2×2 17 4
2×3 12 0
2×4 8 8
2×6 1 0

Step One:
Begin to build the trough (the bottom piece of the wave, also known as the lowest point)

Step Two:
Now move onto building the next piece, just before the top of the wave.

Step Three:
To complete your wave, build the last piece. This piece of the wave is known as the Crest, this is the highest point of a wave. Once this piece has been built, put the different parts together and you will have a completed wave.

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