by | Mar 7, 2023


Check out these 8 Octopus facts!

  • Octopuses have two eyes in a globe-shaped head (mantle) off which protrude eight long limbs called tentacles that have two rows of sucker senses.
  • Octopuses can squeeze into tight spaces as they are invertebrates which means they have no skeleton, (some species have a protective casing in their mantles).
  • An octopus has a hard beak, like a parrot beak, which they use to break into and eat their pray such as crabs and shellfish.
  • Octopuses are believed to be highly intelligent compared to other invertebrates.
  • Octopuses have three hearts. Octopuses have very good eyesight and an excellent sense of touch.
  • An octopus’s main defence against predators such as sharks is to hide and camouflage itself by using certain skin cells to change its color. This can also be used to talk with or warn other octopuses.
  • Another defence is to make a fast escape. Octopuses can eject a thick, blackish ink in a large cloud to distract the predator while the octopus uses a siphon jet propulsion system to quickly swim away headfirst, with arms trailing behind.
  • A last ditch defence is for the octopus to shed a tentacle similar to how a gecko or lizard can discard a tale. An octopus is able to regenerate a lost tentacle.

Step One

Begin to build the arms, alternate the colours.

Step Two

Next begin to build the body and head of the octopus. Alternate the colours.

Step Three

Once the body has been completed begin to assemble the octopus. Start with placing the smaller arms onto the body.

Step Four

Once you have connected the smaller arms onto the octopus, begin to connect the longer arms to complete the build.